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  DeltaValve Coke Drum Unheading Valves
Available for both bottom and top coke drum unheading
Retractable Center Feed Injection Device
Side feed entry with the benefits of traditional bottom center feed injection
Transition Spools
Facilitates retractable center-feed or side feed entry and coke drum unheading valve connection
Support and maintenance system for coke drum unheading valves
Cutting Tool Enclosure Blowout Diverter
Fully encloses the top head and cutting tool and diverts top head blowouts
Isolation Valves
Zero leakage, in-line repairable isolation valves
Auto-Switch Cutting Tools
Remote switching between boring and cutting modes
Field Services
Worldwide DeltaValve service locations
DeltaValve has the reputation of a global provider of highly engineered, innovative solutions for the delayed coker. Traditionally the delayed coker has been considered one of the most dangerous areas of refining, however, DeltaValve’s innovative solutions have created levels of safety and reliability previously unattainable. Products range from our coke-drum bottom and top unheading valves, to our fully retractable center-feed injection devices, zero-leakage inline-repairable isolation valves, auto-switch cutting tools and enclosures, and more. DeltaValve continues to be on the leading-edge of new and innovative solutions for the delayed coker.  More...
Field Service and Customer Support
DeltaValve offers both in-shop and on-site field services with certified service facilities located throughout North America and the United Kingdom.  Additional certified service facilities are becoming available throughout other parts of the world. 24 hour emergency service: 1-281-247-8100.
A Curtiss-Wright Company
DeltaValve is a business unit of Curtiss-Wright (NYSE: CW), and enjoys a rich heritage of providing solutions to some of industries greatest challenges.   More...
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